Huge wheel in Da Nang city

Another new and unique construction in the region, the Sun Wheel, was inaugurated at the Asian Park in Da Nang city on July 18. The attraction, a first in the region, is expected to draw manyvisitors to the beautiful coastal city.

From the lofty height of 115 meters, the Sun Wheel gives tourists a view of the sunset or sparkling night sky over the charming Da Nang city scape.
The construction started in October, 2013 by a multi-national team of technology experts coming from Germany, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.
It belongs to an architectural campus combining Vietnamese and Asian cultures.
It takes 15 minutes for the wheel to complete a full circle. It can carry 384 passengers in 64 cabins. At a 115 meters at its highest point, the Sun Wheel makes the top 10 of the highest wheels in the world.
From the wheel, visitors can view, previously undiscovered corners of the city.
The Asian Park, offers tourists not only the multi-layered cityscape but also a birds eye view of the Buddhist Statue carved from 20 tons of stone and reaching 4.7 meters in height.

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