Tam thanh beach and art village
Lying just about 1 hour away from the famous UNESCO Heritage cultural town of Hoi An, Tam Thanh is an undiscovered art and cultural gem, a one-of-its-kind destination worth taking a look. Tam Thanh is the home to untouched seasides, local villages, and amazing countryside landscapes. 
Tam Thanh village - the first and only mural village in Vietnam has risen as the new destination for youngers who are keen on travelling and taking pictures. There could be only one reason for this: Who doesn't want to visit a beautiful place where you can take amazing pictures ?

If you ask a Vietnamese youngster to name a destination for both purposes: traveling and taking photos at the same time, some familiar names may appear on the list from Da Lat - the flower city to Nha Trang - Mui Ne with the gorgeous emerald blue sea and lovely beach camps, or Hoi An with the flashback from an ancient town.

Lately, Tam Thanh Village is the hottest name in the conversation of Vietnamese youngsters. Nobody ever thought  that this poor fishing village someday would become a tourist attraction. But after changing the new face, Tam Thanh Mural Village has become viral among the travel community and appear on the must-go list of many Vietnamese youngsters.
The fishing village of Trung Thanh (Tam Thanh Ward, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province) has become the new destination for both tourists and local people to come and visit. The new face of the village is the artwork by Korean artists from Korean Foundation in cooperation with Tam Ky Art Club and Committee of Quang Nam Province. The project named "Art for a Better Community" started in June, 2016 and within one month, it has revitalized the whole village.
You only need to search hashtag #tamthanhvillage or #muralvillage on Instagram, you will see a lot of youngsters and tourists have come to the lovely village to visit and take pictures of its. Let's take a look at some Instagram accounts of Vietnamese youngsters to see why this village coule be that attracting.

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